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InfoQuick Guide: What’s the difference between Screen Printing and DTG Printing

Quick Guide: What’s the difference between Screen Printing and DTG Printing

In this blog post, we will compare and contrast the differences between DTG Printing and Screen Printing. We will also discuss how each process works and what they are best used for. Let’s get started!

Why Use DTG Printing

DTG Printing (Direct to Garment) is a digital garment printing method that uses highly specialized software to print directly onto garments or other textiles without ink or toner being applied to the surface. The DTG printer creates a mirror image of an image on your computer screen with small dots of color known as Dots Per Inch (DPI).

Why Use Screen Printing

Screen Printing is a process of printing where ink color, shape and density are determined by an artist using a hand-held or full size flat squeegee to push ink through the mesh screen. The most common type of Screen Printing uses white inks on dark garments with many different colors possible including metallic golds, bronze, silver as well as a wide range of colors on light garments.

Though both DTG Printing and Screen Printing are types of Digital Prints, there are some major differences in the process for each type:

– With DTGs we can print small or large quantities at a time; with Screens it is more costly to produce larger runs.

– Screens are generally better for printing graphics with subtle gradients, while DTGs can create more solid colors.

– Screens have a higher resolution than DTGs and are capable of producing finer lines. The downside to this is that screens don’t last as long as the ink so they need to be replaced often.

It’s important when choosing between DTGs and Screens to select whichever print process is best for the project.

Pro’s and Cons of Each Apparel Printing Type

Screen Printing

– Pros: Can produce a wider range of colors, higher resolution than DTG printing, can be used on both light or dark garments where as with DTGs you only have one option.

– Cons: More expensive per unit, more time-consuming than DTG Printing.

DTG printing

– Pros: Can print on both light and dark garments with a wide range of colors possible, can produce small or large quantities at the same cost per unit.

– Cons: Limited color options for what you can print (colors are created by mixing different shades of the basic colors), not as high resolution or detailed.A lot of people have asked us what’s our favorite print process? Well it really depends on what type of printing job you’re looking to do and how many items need printed. We hope you learned something new in this article and If you need custom apparel, KJ Label can help you decide what’s best to use for your project! If you have any questions contact us on our contact page or give us a call at  (phone) for any Stroudsburg, PA printing needs.